“Products, like people, have personalities and they can make or break them in the marketplace” – David Ogilvy
Many marketers milk Mother’s Day as an opportunity to market their product or service, using emotion as the key driver to purchase.
You, too, are a product. What drives someone to choose you, to employ you or book your services? You need to define your features and benefits. You need to know who you are before you know where you could be going.
We know that it’s not about the position you hold in a company, or the work you do. It’s all about the real “you” and your true personality, which may change and develop, but the real “you” will always remain the same. You need to think of yourself as an aspirational, luxury or designer brand, a “once-off” rather than a “no-name” brand. You never want to be considered ordinary. My request to you, please – be anything but average.
When you acknowledge that you are unique and special, and communicate your individuality and uniqueness, people will pay more for your art, your performance or your work. A consumer pays more for an original designer garment or custom-designed piece of furniture, manufactured specifically to personal design specifications. Personalised is more valuable than mass-produced; bespoke gets spoken about. Consider the value of an original work of art, or a musical performance by an international music artist. Both will demand a higher price, not only because they are the best in their fields, but because they have earned a reputation as icons or idols.”
“…People will pay more for anything that is original and special by someone who is a “name”.
Written by Jenny Handley.  Article appeared in the Cape Times 3 May 2010.