As the beginning of 2014 sees the employment market flooded once again with recent graduates and matriculants, one wonders what the benefits might be of employing a youngster with little experience?  Listed below are some of the pros to hiring young and inexperienced talent:

Saving on Yearly Employee Salaries:

Probably the biggest advantage that hiring a student gives a business is the lower cost of the employees’ yearly salary. Because already established workers naturally require a higher salary and due to a student’s lack of experience, a business can offer a lower employee compensation package.

Comfort Level with New Technology:

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a college grad is the students’ ability to navigate through new, innovative technology, especially new age computers and all of their essential work related applications.

Students are Easier to Manage:

Definitely giving less of their opinion and more work related drive, college grads and students are much easier to manage when compared to experienced, entitled feeling workforce veterans. Although initially college grads may require more training and managerial attention, as time goes on, they actually require less direction from a manager.

Think About the Long Term:

By thinking about the long term needs of your company, hiring a student with a lot of drive and potential could definitely be a much smarter business decision. With the ability to be trained and guided toward specific managerial roles, students and recent grads usually offer more flexibility than more experienced professionals.

Quick Learners with Adaptability:

Not taking the old saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ too literally, recent college grads and students definitely have the ability to absorb, understand and execute new instructions and training at a much higher rate than older workforce members. Because they are quick learners with the ability to multitask, students prove to be a better hiring option for a wide range of business options. Eager and looking to quickly please their superiors, students offer businesses the willingness to do a lot of odd type of office jobs. On top of that, recent grads and current students are usually more willing to help other coworkers when needed.