Most students on work experience will never have been exposed to the world of work and most of their knowledge about the world of work will be classroom-based.  Work experience tends to mature individuals allowing them to make more informed choices about their future career.  Therefore the main benefit of providing a student with work experience is to assist them in making the transition from the world of studying to that of work.

But how can this benefit your organisation?

  1. It helps your other employees

Placing a student with an employee helps to boost your team’s morale as it shows them that you trust them enough to be responsible. It also helps your employees develop their own supervisory skills which will help you and them should a senior position arise that they could be considered for.

  1. It’s good branding for the company

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing out there – and it’s free. Your company’s reputation for investing in young people will be ranked quite highly.

  1. It doesn’t cost you financially

That doesn’t mean you can take advantage of a free workforce and exploit them, but most people understand that work experience is just that – experience. Some companies do offer to pay for travel expenses or provide lunch vouchers.

  1. Enthusiasm

Most people on work experience come with a bag full of enthusiasm and positivity and often brimming with new ideas.  And this in turn can rub off onto existing employees.

  1. It’s a great recruitment strategy

It’s easier to spot talent when you can see them in the work place.  There is nothing stopping you from eventually offering them a permanent role.  Young people are also like sponges and will soak up what they learn at your company. This can reduce your cost of bringing in more experienced, skilled professionals.