Associate Recruitment Opportunity

Evolution Recruitment is a boutique recruitment company seeking like-minded individuals to join our growing team and help us live up to our slogan: Evolving individuals to new heights!

Our client and candidate relationships are built upon our core values of respect, honesty, high work ethics and integrity. We are highly service orientated – where our clients are able to reach out to us 24/7. Our focus and emphasis is on building and maintaining relationships – not on achieving numerical targets!

We seek experienced, independent recruiters who are also passionate about ethical business practices and maintaining healthy, beneficial relationships with both client and candidate.

  • Are you tired of having to meet targets?
  • Are you tired of earning a small fraction of your placement fee?

As a member of Evolution Recruitment, you will earn 75% of all your placements, decide your own expenditures, work your own hours and be your own boss! And you can do that within the comfort of a team, set infrastructure and company name!

This opportunity is NOT for you if you require a structured 8-5 job.

This opportunity is NOT for you if you need to be pushed and managed in order to achieve.

This opportunity is NOT for you if you require a set remuneration.

This is the opportunity for you if you wish to earn the lion share of each placement, build and manage your client and candidate database that remains YOURS.

We are open to discuss our business model with interested parties within a confidential setting. If you wish to know more, please email the Managing Member:

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