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Interview Tips Video

Remember, the fact that you have been invited for an interview is a sign that the potential employer thinks you might be the right candidate for the job.  Use this to your advantage and Just Go Get That Job!  Videos posted by:  www.thejobhuntcoach.com

1.  Your interview is your bridge to the job:  http://bit.ly/uSouzD

2.  Interview mistake – having the wrong attitude:  http://bit.ly/vSxWqV

3.  Interview tip – what is your greatest weakness:  http://bit.ly/t380IL

4. Interview tip – Wow them with your competence:  http://bit.ly/ImcOWJ


Bad Interview Techniques

This video encapsulates so many of the problems that we as recruiters experience when interviewing candidates who are not in the right space of mind or attitude to be looking for a job.
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