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It is important that you read this page if you are seeking work and trying to do so via a recruitment agency.

Often candidates express great frustration that recruiters never respond to them when sending through their CV.  Firstly, there is a misguided notion that a recruiter is there to help you find a job. The average job seeker has it all mixed up – recruiters don’t go out and find jobs, recruiters find candidates.  What that means is that they match candidates with open job vacancies given to them by their client companies.  A recruiter’s job is to ensure that candidates meet all the job requirements listed in the job description (which is given to them by the client.)

By forwarding an unsolicited CV onto us, there is very little we can do besides add your CV to our database.  We cannot make use of your application unless we have a suitable job spec given to us by our client, that matches your skills and experience.  Until such time, your CV simply remains on a database to be searched if and when the need arises.

My suggestion is that you will have a much better opportunity of securing an interview with a recruiter if you apply with your CV to an advertised job spec (providing that your CV matches the criteria described in the job specification).

Evolution Recruitment is only one of many recruitment companies, with our own set of clients. With this in mind, job seekers should embrace one or more recruiters as part of their overall job seeking strategy – not as an end-all solution. Professional networking (LinkedIn), social media sites, and job portals (such as PNet, Careers24, Career Junction, BestJobs, Gumtree) should still be utilized to maximize individual job leads.

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I hope this helps?

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