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Disclaimer: Dear Client, please note that Evolution Recruitment does not make use of a landline as we do not operate within office hours and remain contactable 24/7 via a mobile number which we do not publicize. If you require assistance, kindly complete the contact request form below and one of our recruitment advisors will be in touch with you personally.

Lee-Anne Curtis-Cox (B.Com Management; APSO)
Managing Member and Recruitment Advisor

“I am passionate about matching talented professionals with my client’s business culture and vacancy needs.  I firmly believe my value as a Generalist Recruiter lies in the ability to fully understand my client’s company culture and team dynamics, and thereby successfully placing qualified candidates across departments, management levels and industries. My recruitment approach is described as being quick, honest, relevant and focused.”


Andy Kahari
Senior Associate Recruitment Advisor

“I am a seasoned, generalist recruiter with 19 years’ experience within the 360° recruitment business cycle.   I am a keen headhunter and business development enthusiast, with well-developed skills within training and workshop facilitation.  My strength lies in my ability to effectively handle both white and blue collar professionals, enabling me to place suitable talent across industrial sectors. I am bred on the premise “Our people are our Business”.  I value and understand the impact that time has on decision making and vision fulfilment, and therefore aim to provide the best professionals within the shortest time period for goal accomplishment.”


Lyn Sproule (APSO)
Senior Associate Recruitment Advisor

“Building firm client relationships, understanding their needs and delivering a complete service has stood me in good stead over the many years in recruitment. I have been particularly successful in recruiting of staff for the Freight, Logistics, and Shipping industry – an area I am passionate about. My strength is being able to place suitable candidates who are going to build a long-term career.”

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Foyer 3, Floor 1, Colosseum Building, Century Way, Century City, 7441



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