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Article written by:  Matt Straz who is the founder and CEO of Namely, the HR and payroll platform for the world’s most exciting companies.

When you have an open position to fill, do you look to your current employees and promote from within, or do you hire a candidate from outside of the company?
Considering the facts that external hires are paid 18 to 20 percent more than an internal employee for the same position, and receive lower performance evaluations for their first two years on the job than their internal counterparts, it may be a good idea to consider current employees before advertising job opportunities externally.
Before you decide to bring in new blood, here are four (4) reasons why you should first consider existing employees when new positions become available:

1. You’ll save time and money on hiring
The most obvious advantage of promoting from within is that you save time and money associated with recruiting new hires. Not only does it save money on compensation, but it eliminates the need to advertise the job opening, sift through an estimated 250 resumes, and interview a myriad of candidates.

Also, keep in mind that having an open position for too long can result in lost productivity — and dollars. Creating an internal talent pool can make hiring more fluid by having qualified, experienced options readily available when a new job opens up.

2. You’ll save time spent on assimilating new hires
While external candidates might bring a lot to the table, it takes time for new hires to adapt to the job and achieve the level of performance to which they’re accustomed.

This is another instance where internal candidates have a leg up. They understand the company culture, know how to navigate relationships with employees, vendors, and partners, and have applied the company’s mission and values to their working style.

Some training is necessary regardless of whether you promote internally or hire externally for a position, but current employees don’t have to go through the typical onboarding process associated with starting a new job at a new company.

3. You’ll see employee performance pick up
One of the top reasons employees quit is because they have no clear career path.
Opportunities for advancement act as a huge incentive for employees to stay with a company and perform at their very best. Employees that can map out their career path with a company and understand what it takes to get to the next level will likely work harder to do so.

Additionally, internal promotions improve employee morale by recognizing outstanding achievement, thus encouraging others within the company. To reap benefits like increased employee morale and better quality of performance, openly discuss career growth, opportunities, and promotions with employees.

4. You’ll avoid bad hires
Promoting from within is the one sure-fire way to avoid the costly mistake of making a bad hire. Not only can a bad hire set you back financially — upwards of $50,000 for some employers, according to a 2013 CareerBuilder survey — but it can also negatively impact productivity and morale.

Your existing employees already understand the ins and outs of the company. They’ve already proved themselves to be productive employees, whereas hiring externally requires taking some risk. To make promoting within your organization work for you, consistently groom your future leaders.

Take McKinsey & Company, for example. This “Best Place to Work” has made employee development a part of its company culture by dedicating significant time, resources, and leadership focus to building a company that develops talent through formal training programs, coaching, mentorship, and collaboration.  It doesn’t hurt that they also invest $100 million a year in formal training.

Invest in your employees and their future with the organization, and they’ll invest in you. Create a thoughtful, strategic succession plan for your employees to ensure they are qualified for high-level positions when they become available.

Written by:  Marie Larson

Your average job seeker just doesn’t “get” what a recruiter does. This is apparent to anyone that’s ever heard a friend or relative complain about a recruiter “not finding them a job.” If you’re planning on working with recruiters or with a staffing firm, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips for Working with Recruiters

Recruiters don’t find people jobs: The average job seeker has it all mixed up – recruiters don’t go out and find jobs, recruiters find candidates. They match candidates with open positions given to them by their client companies. Recruiters are tasked with filling these job requisitions. If you’re planning on working with recruiters, understand that they are often looking for very specific types of candidates – don’t get offended if you don’t match.

Recruiters are part of the bigger picture: With this in mind, job seekers should embrace one or more recruiters as part of their overall job seeking strategy – not as an end-all solution. Professional networking, social media sites, and other job seeking channels should still be utilized to maximize individual job leads. Job seekers should recognize that recruiters can open additional doors for them and are inevitably part of the larger job market landscape.

Recruiters and job seekers need to work together: It’s all about teamwork. Job seekers should be honest about their credentials and in turn, recruiters will work hard to push their profile towards befitting opportunities. Be open and upfront about your current compensation and future expectations and recruiters will get the interviews rolling. If everything works out, the recruiter makes a placement and you get a new job – both sides win when there’s mutual respect and understanding.

All too often, job seekers throw themselves at recruiters and expect royal treatment. Candidates have a hard time accepting the fact that recruiters don’t work for them, but with them. Recruiters always have your best interests in mind (and they want you to get hired), but they can’t make individually tailored jobs appear out of thin air.

Seeing eye-to-eye with recruiters isn’t all that complicated when you use their services as one of many valuable resources in your job seeking toolbox. If you are looking for a job, make sure you pursue every avenue available to you – and that working with recruiters in the correct fashion is part of your job search strategy.

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