Assess whether you are ready for a Career Change

By Alexandra Levit The decision to change careers is a personal one that is highly dependent on a variety of factors.  If the thought has entered your mind during the last few months, take some time with this assessment to determine if a switch is something you should seriously consider. Respond “True” or “False” inContinue reading “Assess whether you are ready for a Career Change”

January Job Specs

If you wish to know more about any of the job specs posted below, you are able to view the full job description and apply via our online job portal:  Click here to view current job openings.  CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer Liaison Specialist, Fluent in Mandarin, Johannesburg, Highly negotiable remuneration package CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer Success Specialist,Continue reading “January Job Specs”

An Interview should be a Conversation

As a hiring manager, one should perceive an interview as an open dialogue and not a test that requires prescribed answers. Any intelligent person will know that any question in any conversation can be perceived in many fashions and so there can often be different responses that are valid. An interview should not be anContinue reading “An Interview should be a Conversation”

10 Tips to Better Employee Retention for Better Profits

So how do you keep your internal staff members and contingent employees? The real key is not money. The real key is employee satisfaction. And satisfied employees not only stick around, they more productive and are more loyal to the business. It is vital then that you design and implement an employee retention program forContinue reading “10 Tips to Better Employee Retention for Better Profits”

Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation

Do you have questions around the job market and seeking employment opportunities? Perhaps you are uncertain about your CV format or maybe you seek assistance in preparing for an interview? With over 12 years industry experience, the Managing Member of Evolution Recruitment is offering online coaching sessions of 30 min to assist and support jobContinue reading “Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation”

Associate Recruitment Opportunity

Evolution Recruitment is a boutique recruitment company seeking like-minded individuals to join our growing team and help us live up to our slogan: Evolving individuals to new heights! Our client and candidate relationships are built upon our core values of respect, honesty, high work ethics and integrity. We are highly service orientated – where ourContinue reading “Associate Recruitment Opportunity”

Social Media and Job Hunting

James Tomerson writes regularly on career, education and latest job trends. To read more from him, you can visit, which also offers jobseekers a free career aptitude test to choose a career which is in tune with their career, aptitude and skills. Social media is playing a vital role in boosting job search. AreContinue reading “Social Media and Job Hunting”

Top Tips to Follow when Dealing with Recruitment Consultants

In most cases candidates are ignorant as to what a recruiter’s job entails and how the recruitment industry works.  So often their communication to recruitment consultants comes across as irritating or sometimes just plain rude. One consultant stated the following on LinkedIn – and these sentiments are felt by the majority of recruiters: “I’m gettingContinue reading “Top Tips to Follow when Dealing with Recruitment Consultants”

The Top 5 Things Every Recruiter Expects from Every Candidate

Posted by Mark Babbitt What we don’t talk about enough are the basics every recruiter look for in every candidate, regardless of the job, level of experience or even the industry. So – keeping in mind that from the research they’ve done so far, the recruiter knows you can do the actual job (or youContinue reading “The Top 5 Things Every Recruiter Expects from Every Candidate”

The secret to answering: “Why did you leave your last job?”

The Secret to answering:  “Why did you leave your last job?” “Why did you leave your last job?” The question can strike fear in even the most confident candidate. Whether your answer is simple or complex, being asked to talk about it puts you on the spot, and it can be tricky to balance theContinue reading “The secret to answering: “Why did you leave your last job?””