Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation

Do you have questions around the job market and seeking employment opportunities? Perhaps you are uncertain about your CV format or maybe you seek assistance in preparing for an interview? With over 12 years industry experience, the Managing Member of Evolution Recruitment is offering online coaching sessions of 30 min to assist and support jobContinue reading “Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation”

The Top 5 Things Every Recruiter Expects from Every Candidate

Posted by Mark Babbitt What we don’t talk about enough are the basics every recruiter look for in every candidate, regardless of the job, level of experience or even the industry. So – keeping in mind that from the research they’ve done so far, the recruiter knows you can do the actual job (or youContinue reading “The Top 5 Things Every Recruiter Expects from Every Candidate”

How to Answer – Do you have any Questions?

The end of the interview has arrived and here comes the closing “Do you have any questions?” line. Many candidates are unprepared for this part of the interview. It’s a common question and one that you should consider as part of your interview preparation. Have a list of at least 6 questions which you’ve preparedContinue reading “How to Answer – Do you have any Questions?”

How to answer – “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review Of course it is asked most often in a job interview, but it may also come up in a conversation at a networking event or a cocktail party. Knowing and communicating your career goals is challenging for even the most ambitious and focused person. Can you really know what jobContinue reading “How to answer – “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?””

Resources: Interview Advice

Before Interviewing: Dressing for Success 10 Tips to know before you Interview 10 Tips to follow before interview How to boost your confidence just before a job interview At Interview: It’s not about you! (An honest perspective) 6 Interview Types Crush Your Job Interview: 50 Brilliant Questions to Ask  Job Interview Questions:  The 5 thingsContinue reading “Resources: Interview Advice”

Dressing for Success

When you are preparing for a job interview, everyone knows that you don’t just need to prepare yourself mentally; you also have to prepare yourself physically. You want to make a good impression, right from the first moment your interviewer lays his or her eyes on you. Naturally, you will want to look sophisticated, smartContinue reading “Dressing for Success”

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