Onboarding / Induction Programs

Onboarding refers to the process of inducting or integrating new hires into the company, preparing them for job success and helping them to become productive, committed and engaged employees of the company and also a genuine ‘team member’. Missing out on this vital part of the hiring process can be a recipe for disaster. TheContinue reading “Onboarding / Induction Programs”

4 Ways to Consider whether a Candidate fits your Culture

One aspect that I believe Evolution Recruitment prides itself in, is assisting our clients in finding that perfect culture fit when filling vacancies!  Culture fit cannot be determined by reading a CV.  By completely understanding our clients’ needs, we hope to not only find you the applicant closest fitting the job description, but most importantlyContinue reading “4 Ways to Consider whether a Candidate fits your Culture”

10 Tips to Better Employee Retention for Better Profits

So how do you keep your internal staff members and contingent employees? The real key is not money. The real key is employee satisfaction. And satisfied employees not only stick around, they more productive and are more loyal to the business. It is vital then that you design and implement an employee retention program forContinue reading “10 Tips to Better Employee Retention for Better Profits”

Tips for Training New Hires

by Jessica Taylor Starting a new job is probably one of the biggest transitions we experience as adults. Yes, it’s exciting—but it’s always a little reminiscent of the first day of school: a blend of stress, nerves, and pressure to remember a whole bunch of new stuff. So, needless to say, when you have aContinue reading “Tips for Training New Hires”

Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

Adapted from a blog article written by Nicole Nicholson “It’s blatantly clear that the job market of today is very different than the job market of years past. In the past, it was normal for an employee to stay with the same company their entire career. They would start from the bottom and over theContinue reading “Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover”

Succession Planning

Why do we need succession planning? In most cases we need succession planning to ensure that the business can continue to function optimally with the right people, with the right skills and at the right time. Succession Planning can be a bit of an art – if it is carried out effectively. Ideally, it shouldContinue reading “Succession Planning”

The Do’s and Don’ts about Firing an Employee

Adapted from:  Sophie Deering, Senior Account Executive at Link Humans No matter what the circumstances are, letting an employee go is never going to be an easy decision to come to or task to undertake and unfortunately as an employer, it’s something you will most probably have to face at one time or another. ToContinue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts about Firing an Employee”

The Importance of Appraisals

An effective appraisal and performance management process can have a significant impact on an organisation’s culture, staff morale and employee engagement levels – all of which enhance employer brand and support the retention of key talent within a business. There is debate as to whether traditional appraisal systems are still effective for the needs ofContinue reading “The Importance of Appraisals”

Performance Reviews don’t need to “suck”

Taken from the blog:  breaktheframe.com If there’s one thing that people hate, it’s performance review time.  Managers complain that they don’t have time to document and deliver reviews and too many people feel like it’s a necessary evil instead of focused on their professional development.  To say the least, it’s not a joy for HRContinue reading “Performance Reviews don’t need to “suck””

How to keep your Star Performers

The following article was written by John Murphy.  He is the founder of John Murphy International, a specialist online coaching business. John specializes in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and senior executives on how to build their business and be effective as a leader and manager. “You have a red hot performer, she is excelling atContinue reading “How to keep your Star Performers”

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