The Worst Things to Put in Your CV

We talked with career coaches and resume writers to find ten gaffes that will guarantee that your resume never makes it past round one. 1. Unnecessary Details About Your Life There are a few personal details you should include on a resume: full name and contact information, including email, phone number and address. But beyondContinue reading “The Worst Things to Put in Your CV”

Social Media and Job Hunting

James Tomerson writes regularly on career, education and latest job trends. To read more from him, you can visit, which also offers jobseekers a free career aptitude test to choose a career which is in tune with their career, aptitude and skills. Social media is playing a vital role in boosting job search. AreContinue reading “Social Media and Job Hunting”

Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation

Do you have questions around the job market and seeking employment opportunities? Perhaps you are uncertain about your CV format or maybe you seek assistance in preparing for an interview? With over 12 years industry experience, the Managing Member of Evolution Recruitment is offering online coaching sessions of 30 min to assist and support jobContinue reading “Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation”

Resources: CV preparation

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