Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation

Do you have questions around the job market and seeking employment opportunities? Perhaps you are uncertain about your CV format or maybe you seek assistance in preparing for an interview? With over 12 years industry experience, the Managing Member of Evolution Recruitment is offering online coaching sessions of 30 min to assist and support jobContinue reading “Coaching for Interview / CV Preparation”

The Truth about Covering Letters

Should you submit a covering letter with each application to an advertised job?  The answer is – that it depends.  If the job specifically requests a cover letter, then the answer is obvious.  However, if there is no request, rather spend your time and effort tailoring your CV for the position you are applying for.Continue reading “The Truth about Covering Letters”

CV Preparation Advice

“You might be surprised to know that you only have between 5-10 seconds at the most to impress and be shortlisted. In those 5-10 seconds, it is not necessarily the most qualified person who will be put in the shortlist pile, but it is the one who is the best at being able to getContinue reading “CV Preparation Advice”

10 Tips to Know Before your Interview

by Tom Byrne An Interview is the best opportunity you will have to gather information and market yourself to a prospective employer. Invest a few minutes in reviewing these tips for a successful interview outcome. 1. You’re on stage from the moment you get in the parking lot. From this point on, anyone whom youContinue reading “10 Tips to Know Before your Interview”

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